Ropel Software Snc

P.IVA 11718450155

Ropel Software do not offer pre-packaged products, but solutions:

  • tailor-made sw development according to the customer's needs
  • network solutions (firewall, proxy, gateway, nat...)
  • tools, porting, database, sw integration

All the software developed remains property of the customer, including, of course, sources, so a complete investment protection is carried out.
We use always use software tools 'solid', reliable, widespread and innovative.

Tools we use:
Our internet, intranet and client-server applications are mainly based on Linux O.S., Apache Web Server or JBoss / Tomcat, java or php, relational database MySQL or PostgreSQL: This choice provides both the highest level kind of tools and the absence of additional costs for licenses. On request we can also develop on Oracle or SqlServer platforms and / or Windows O.S.
Stand-alone applications are based on both Windows and Linux, in developed using either Java or C++, PostgreSQL, Hypersonic (HSQLDB), Oracle or MySql as Database.